Friday, September 29, 2017

🙌Hardwork matters🙌
Without Hardwork Never expect GOD to work in Your Life🙏.

Since GOD is GOOD and of LOVE, He still works in our Life what come what may. We taste it only when we take a step ahead thru our actions and attitudes to be like CHRIST. To speak CROSS thru our Life, Hardwork is must-factor.

Hardwork is not just taking Physical steps, but mental and spiritual attitudes. It comprises in just 3 words ASK, SEEK and KNOCK of what JESUS said.

Mathew 7:7
🙋ASK(Mental) - Asking is not literally opening our Mouth, its Opening our Mind(Romans 12:2) to break the silence of questions / confusions / frustrations / shyness / distractions to the LIVING GOD who is able to answer in a way you understand. You cannot hear until you open up and ASK.

🙇SEEK(Spiritual) - practice in your mind and apply in your Spirit thru God's Word / Prayer to seek THE TRUTH, You will find What actually GOD is(Exodus 34:5-7) and TRUTH is(PSALM 15:2-3).

🙏KNOCK(Physical) - Its an action you have make it for the GOD to know You are desired to ASK something for and SEEK His way what GOD intends. If you ASK and SEEK truly with the innocence like baby(1 Peter 2:2) DOOR WILL BE OPENED. It is the door of LIGHT(John 8:12) where darkness surpasses.

This world finds smart people coz Smart work matters in this world, but for GOD He searches people with nothingness and trusting HIM whole-heartedly is the prime factor. He does not need 100%, all He needs is your 1% of heart submission. Rest 99% its His responsibilty to shape you and mould you to be the perfect human without complaints and regrets. For God to accomplish this in you, He expects us to co-operate with your willingful-heart. Any work without co-operation and no unity always messes up. The same strategy applies for GOD.

If you are practicing in your mind to wake up early but could not make it up, its alse considered as hardwork because God finds you are seeking discipline.

Hardwork Disciplines!
Hardwork Builds!
Hardwork Shapes!
Hardwork Teaches!
Hardwork improves our Confidence level!
Hardwork brings boldness!

Its Sure thing your Hardwork will be rewarded with praises from the unexpected sources and you will be role-model to many.
WALk AND TALK what you are and where you are from!!

Just IMAGINE your life with no-complaints and no-regrets! How Beautiful it is!

Whenever you are passing thru some challenges,
 Our Father in Heaven becomes Joful and that becomes our strength(Nehemiah 8:10).

Remember the verse Romans 8:28 whenever you are upset with the way life moves and SAY:
And we[I] know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

😭Tears and 😣Tiredness are the attributes of Hardwork. Be thankful for it!

- Writing this article after quite long time. Glory to Jesus who is making use of me in some way.

🙏Prayer: Dear God, Jesus and Spirit,
Thank you so much for loving me and choosing me for the greater purpose. I might not know where my life heads but I am sure since I believe YOU my life heads towards victory. Help me to work hard to achieve the goal of Love, peace and Joy. You are my strength and Life. Only you can give me Hope where there is hopeless, and Life to the Lifeless. I Trust you Lord!. Let your every word cultivates me. Love you Jesus.
In Jesus name,
I Pray
[Your Name]😍😍😍😍

Thursday, June 8, 2017



Imagine you see big stone in the pathway while you driving a vehicle and there is no other alternate path to reach the destination. What do you do? Will you get down, move the stone and proceed your journey or you quit and return back? Which is wiser? An extra effort & reaching the destination or zero effort & quitting the journey? 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wise Person

Rather getting irritated for other people's actions and words, its better to remain calm and understand the situation before we come up with hard reactions / words. The only solution to have patience over the situation is to ask and seek God to fill us with His love in our hearts! #GOD's#Love #CALM #Patience

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Be Quick to Obey what God wants you to to! Never ask Him question
- WHY have YOU given that,
- WHY have YOU allowed this tough and rough situation,
- WHY have YOU created me and so on...,
Only when we stop it, we would have heart to Thank Him for every single second that He has blessed us with!
Only when we stop it, our confidence will rise
Only when we stop it, we start to view from God's point and humans' point
Only when we stop it, we would see the Glory of God
Only when we stop it, we would hear what CROSS is speaks
Only when we stop it, we would know the PURPOSE of our Life!!

The Ultimate result is "Joy of the Lord" which is our strength at ALL times' - Just OBEY

God spoke in His Book multiple number times saying "Keep my decrees, follow my instruction, Obey me fully, keep my covenant, keep my laws" - this is the key for Successful life InHim, and so in the earth too... His only language is HOLY! We could achieve it only when obey His word! Obedience comes out of Love and Trust!

Leviticus 26 clearly defines the Reward of Obedience and Punishment for disobedience!

Holy Spirit, help me to stop asking WHY's and start thanking GOD! In Jesus Name, Amen!! <3 <3

Friday, September 23, 2016

Life is in Your Mouth

We would be KIND enough to others only when we have positive thoughts! Negative mind will grab you to the pit of HELL! Be wise to act every situation positively. The words from your mouth has power of LIFE! Speak it and Use it for the glory of GOD!! Our God is THE GOD of Positivity and not Negativity!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


When we try to "go or do it alone" our chances of success are questionable. But when we let GOD get involved, our success rate is 100%! Because we know God will never allow situation which ruins us. He allows just to build us !

There are many distractions in our Life which corrupts our mind leading to life of confusion, life of failures, life of death, life of depression, life of Question and so on with no hopes.

The secret to Overcome all these ruining stuffs and to become successful person is in PRIORITIZING!!

1.What do we prioritize?
We are here right now in this earth is just because of the Creator. We need to remember Him and Thank Him and Honor Him by prioritizing Him first in every activities we do. Whatever He does to His Children are for GOOD and not for bad...
2.Do we plan?
Prioritizing helps us to plan the every day process
3.Do we seek for Godly wisdom?
The wisdom from JESUS CHRIST gives us maturity to implement what we have planned for.

When we learn to have an relationship with GOD, we would know how to be success in times of failure!!

Jesus never fails! Trust!

Dear Holy Spirit, Please teach us to Keep GOD first even in very small things so that we learn to live the life of success thru the failures. Open the closed minds of ours so we see the God's love thru the Cross of Jesus Christ and taste the Truth and Live for it. Amen!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

You Are Who God Says You Are

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well (Psalm 139:14 NKJV).

God has made each one of us in His image, perfectly designed with an identity ideally suited to accomplishing all He has called us to do.

However, most of us do not reach adulthood with this identity intact. Instead, we form an image of ourselves based on information we’ve received from our parents, peers, and circumstances.
Perhaps, like many, you were told you were stupid. Or maybe you were rejected by your peers because you looked different or failed in some way. If this is the kind of information you used to form your identity, then you will likely see yourself as a failure.

By taking on that false identity of a failure, you will surely live your life in defeat. You can pray to God all you want, asking Him to change your circumstances, but until you change your identity nothing is going to change.

Jesus Christ came to give you a new identity. He died and rose again to give you His identity. It is only in Him that you will discover the identity God intended you to have from the beginning of time.
In Him you have been made the wisdom of God. You have status with God and man, and you are a winner in every situation in life. In Him you are a champion, not because of anything you did, but because of what God freely did for you in Christ.

God says you are in Christ; therefore, every one of the 130 “in Christ” scriptures is talking about you. Determine today to throw off the old identity that is holding you back, and be who God says you are!

Confession: I am not who people say I am. I am not who circumstances say I am. I am not who my past says I am, and I am not even who I think I am. I am who God says I am!

Author: Jerry Savelle